Anne LeBaron, internationally noted composer, is widely recognized for her work in instrumental, electronic, and performance realms. Her compositions embrace an extraordinary array of subjects, ranging from contemporary adaptations of Greek and South American myths, to probes into physical and cultural forms of extinction, to the legendary Pope Joan.

An accomplished harpist, LeBaron is renowned for her pioneering methods of developing extended techniques and electronic enhancements for the harp. Leading innovators of jazz and other forms of improvised music, including Muhal Richard Abrams, Anthony Braxton and Derek Bailey, have engaged her in performance and recording collaborations. Recent vintages are with Gary Hassay on Blackwater Bridge (Drimala) and on Earl Howard's Strong Force (Mutable Music). She appeared on the Total Music Meeting in Berlin, Nov.2003, with the King Ubu Orchestra.

Current projects include two operas: Wet (RedCat at Disney Hall, 2005), with librettist Terese Svoboda, and Criseyde Reinvented, with librettist Nancy Dean. Her newest work, The Left of Time, for trombone with interactive electronics (MAX / MSP) and video, was commissioned by Monique Buzzarte, and transports historical documents on the invention of the metronome into a 21st century technological maelstrom. She most recently scored the video, w.s.2, by Seoungho Cho, screened at The Millennium in New York, March 2004.

LeBaron currently teaches composition and related subjects at California Institute of the Arts and will be Visiting Darius Milhaud Professor of Music at Mills College Spring 2005.





Anne LeBaron